Who Are We?

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We Are 4 Teachers In Training Who Love Geography!

As a side project to our training and assignments we are going to be spending the next year filling this blog with all sorts of different Geography related articles.

Meet the Team

Carol Autumnlake

Coming late to the world of teaching, Carol has had to graft hard to get to where she is today. A mother of two, she built her own Gardening business whilst raising her children.

However, once her little birds flew the nest she knew that it was time for her really challenge herself. Three years later, she had her degree in one hand and an application to start her teacher training in the other.

Kenneth Song-Baxter

Ken’s passion for teaching Geography is merely a symptom for his love of the World. Having spent his childhood in rural South Korea, he marvelled at the natural world before moving with his Mother to Manchester, England to complete his young education.

The culture shock of this move led him to gain a greater understanding and respect for the world that he lives in.

Sandra Jacksonite

After scoring one of the highest grades in her class at University, Sandra took a break from Geography for 5 years to join the world of business.

Years spent in the Financial Sector of London left her feeling somewhat jaded and cynical. Seeking a job that would satisfy her moral qualms, Sandra decided to undergo the PGCE to keep her knowledge of Geography alive.

Mike Fullersonston

The youngest of our writers here, Mike’s favourite topic of conversation has always been Geography. Specialising in the particulars of Physical Geography, he has always been fascinated by the way the face of the Earth has changed over the years.

His dissertation concerned the shifting of plate tectonics in regards to the forming of new islands and volcanoes, he hopes to publish in the net year.

There’s so much to learn about our big, beautiful world – and we hope we can help you find out even more.